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Microblading can be for nearly anyone. It is a technique that creates realistic hairlike strokes using a hand tool to create fullness and/or shape to eyebrows while maintaining a natural look.

There are a few contraindications that can prevent some from getting microblading:

  • Currently pregnant or nursing

  • Currently have cancer or are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation

  • On steroid medication or prednisone (must be off for at least two months)

  • On accutane (must be off for at least one year)

  • An open wound present in the area of the procedure

  • Extremely thin or wrinkled skin in the area of the procedure

  • Having a bacterial or viral infection

  • Prone to keloid scarring

If you have oily or dark skin micropigmentation(ombre or powder brows) will be a better fit for you.

If you have any of the following it is important to check with your doctor before getting a microblading procedure:

  • Have diabetes and are under a doctors care

  • Have been in remission for cancer for 1 year or less

  • Have high blood pressure

  • Using blood thinning prescriptions

  • Have seborrheic dermatitis


While this answer is different for everyone we do pre numb the procedure area with topical anesthetic to make it as comfortable as possible. 

For women, sensitivity may be increased during your menstrual cycle.


​Now that you have decided to get a microblading procedure done, what's next?

First things first, you will need to choose your artist and set up an appointment.

It’s important to research artists and choose one that will be the best fit for you. Social media is a great tool to research and view portfolios. Most artists offer free consultations to ensure it is a good fit for both you and the artist.

I have an appointment, now what?

To prepare for microblading you need to plan accordingly.

Avoid the following procedures at least 4 weeks prior to your procedure:

  • Botox

  • Chemical Peels of any kind

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Laser Facials

Avoid the following procedures 1 week prior to your procedure:

  • All blood thinners

    • Ibuprofin

    • Tylenol

    • Advil

    • Aleve

    • Motrin

    • Asprin

    • Excedrin

    • Warfarin

    • Coumadin

    • Oil Supplements such as Fish Oil, Primrose Oil, Vitamin E Oil

  • Antibiotics, Iron supplements, Magnesium and other things that can compromise the integrity of the skin such as Retin A or any strong skin care products

  • Mood Altering drugs

Pre-Procedure Instructions

What can you do to get ready for your appointment?

Plan ahead. Be sure to eat 20-30 minutes before your appointment. This will keep your blood sugar steady and helps you to be more comfortable and less sensitive.

Avoid any form of caffeine at least 2-3 hours before. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and can heighten your sensitivity.

If you are required to take antibiotics before dental procedures, please follow the same instructions from your doctor before your appointment.

Be sure to know that you cannot work out or consume alcohol within 24 hours of receiving the procedure.

Fill out any forms that were sent to you prior to your appointment and be sure to bring a photo id.

Other Things to know

The healing process of microblading can be a roller coaster for 7-14 days. While this varies for everyone, it's good to be prepared.

The first few days it is completely normal for your eyebrows to appear dark and even thick. This is caused by blood and pigment mixing during the procedure and healing process. 

After 3-5 days they may begin to start flaking and peeling. At this point they may begin to get itchy. It is important to avoid itching or scratching.

For some, the microblading may seem to disappear for a day. This is completely normal as your skin completes its healing process and will normalize after 12-24 hours.

About 2 weeks after microblading your brows will look completely healed. While they are visually healed on the surface your skin will continue to heal under the surface for another 2-4 weeks. 

6 weeks after to the original procedure, we have you return for a perfection session. At this appointment, your artist will check to see if any more pigment needs to be implanted in anywhere as well as make any adjustments requested.


Your appointment will begin with a thorough consultation to determine what style brows will be the best fit for your lifestyle, skin type, and personal preference. 

Once we complete the consultation we map your brows and will come up with a shape that you approve.

Next we pre numb the brows using a topical anesthetic(typically lidocaine) for about 20 minutes to ensure your comfort during the procedure. 

Once brows are numb we will do the procedure. We do also have a secondary numbing product to maintain your comfort throughout the whole service.

Once completed we mask the brows with pigment to ensure even saturation.

Once complete, we clean your brows and do the final reveal. And tons of photos!


1. 1 hour post appointment, blot you brows with a clean tissue to remove lymph. If the oozing dries on your brows, it will create massive scabs, and the brows will peel and flake like crazy!

2. Within a few hours post appointment, wash your brows with the aftercare soap provided. 

Follow these steps:
A. Wash hands
B. Get TINY bit of soap and some water OUTSIDE OF SHOWER
C. Wash gently in direction of hair. It’s a LIGHT swipe, just to help remove excess oil, oozing etc.
D. RINSE THOROUGHLY. Cup hands with water and rinse to make sure all soap is removed.
E. Pat dry with clean paper towel

3. Wash morning and night for 10 days

4. Apply balm morning and night for 10 days (you will have enough left over for touchup if you are using it correctly. RICE GRAIN amount will cover BOTH brows. NOT rice grain on each.

5. No getting them wet other than washing OUTSIDE of shower. This includes shower, sweating, sauna, hot tub, ETC.

6. No direct sunlight for 2 weeks

7. NO MAKEUP. LOTION. FACE WASH. SERUMS. SHAMPOO. CONDITIONER Etc can touch them for two whole weeks. After that, avoid all products on them that include active ingredients (acne or anti aging products)

8. NO picking or scratching at scabs. DO NOT sleep on face!


YES. The perfection session gives your artist the opportunity to examine your healed results. 

At this point they will ensure that everything is evenly saturated to ensure optimal results. 

If you skip the perfection session you may need to return for a touch up sooner than expected.

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